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All bookings require a deposit of either £200 for a full boat booking or £65 per person for individual spaces when booking an 8 hour fishing trip. For shorter than 8 hour boat or fishing trips, no individual spaces are available. Also, we need to receive this deposit within 7 days of making the booking. When we do not receive your deposit within 7 days of making the booking, we may cancel the booking, unless you contact us.


In the event that we may not be able to carry out the boat trip, we will offer you an alternative date. If that is not acceptable, we will refund your deposit paid. Any refunds made by Ocean Warrior 3 will be made directly back to the person who paid the deposit and by the same means, i.e. PayPal, direct bank transfer, or by cheque. If there is a problem making the payment by the same means, we will require your bank details and will make a direct bank transfer.


Cancellation requests must be made before 14 days of the date of the boat trip.  If you request a cancellation less than 14 days of your booked date, we reserve the right to keep any deposit paid and we have sole discretion on this matter. When you request a cancellation within more than 14 days of your booked date, we will refund 100% of your deposit.


If there is a shortfall in the spaces booked, if you book the whole boat but cannot fill all 10 spaces to share the cost of the trip, it is your responsibility to make up the numbers or pay for the shortfall. However, if enough notice is given, we can try and get additional people to fill the open spaces for you. This would mean that you and your friends may share your boat with other anglers.


The decision for any trip to proceed is the responsibility of the Skipper only.  Please note that in the case of adverse weather conditions, the deposit can be refunded or an alternative date can be booked.  Also, if the sea state is too rough to get out deep sea fishing, the trip may proceed with an inshore fishing trip if the weather allows this.  Please note that we do not take bookings for ‘wreck fishing only’ trips aboard Ocean Warrior 3.


The outstanding balance of any fishing trip can be paid on the day of the trip in cash along with the costs of any additional tackle required, unless previously agreed with the skipper to pay by any other means, i.e. PayPal or bank transfer.  If any payments are made by cheque or money order, these must be received and cleared prior to your fishing or boat trip.


Any damages to the vessel or breakages to any fishing equipment is the responsibility of the person involved and any damages must be paid for in full.


Please note that Ocean Warrior 3 does not accept responsibility for any cancellations due to weather conditions or any unforeseen mechanical breakdowns that may occur.


Ocean Warrior 3 cannot be held responsible for any persons suffering sea sickness or any other medical condition whilst aboard our vessel and we must be notified in advance of any person/s who have any pre-existing medical condition, or if they will be using medication whilst on board the boat.



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