Turbot & Brill Fishing



Turbot & Brill fishing trips from Brighton

Turbot are a large flatfish, and generally prefer sandy and muddy seabeds. They can also be found around light mixed and broken ground, and will even be found around rough ground if a source of food is present there. Turbot come go into the deeper water late summer to early autumn. They will, however, be Turbot to be caught for most of the rest of the year, with only the coldest few months of winter seeing Turbot un-catchable. Turbot are hunters and feed mostly on small fish.


In summer they will take sand eels, sprats and even smaller mackerel which are abundant at that time of year. In winter they will feed on species such as Whiting and Rockling, as well as taking Crabs and Prawns if they are present. Turbot are very similar looking to Brill, with the main differences being that Turbot have an almost completely circular body and rougher skin than the Brill.


While fishing for Turbot and Brill we use 30lb line on long flowing trace with a swivel in between, using up to a size 4/0 hook, 8oz lead and we drift over the sandbanks.  A strip of Mackerel is the most common bait we use, that we would catch on the way out.  The best months for Turbot and Brill fishing is June to September.